I’ve received a ton of fan mail recently, most revealing burning questions about the charming cast of Camden Bottoms.  Many of you want to know where you can buy “Country Squire’s Golden Bay Rum for the Gentleman’s Briar” pipe tobacco ( I would imagine at any tobacconist’s), or what kind of gin Claude Antebellum Bonnebottom- of the Mississippi Bonnebottoms- prefers (“Gentleman’s Gin” from his own label).

For all the mail I’ve received regarding the lads, I’ve received an equal amount wondering about me, the mysterious creative force behind Camden Bottoms.  Well, this Sunday March 4th, some of your questions will be answered when I’m interviewed by Jason Peverett on his blog, The Peverett Phile.

The Peverett Phile posts several times a week on a variety of topics: Current Events, Politics, Entertainment, etc., usually accompanying interviews with musicians, artists and persons of note, all spiced with Jason’s British wit and charm (I’m not being sarcastic). For whatever reason,  Mr. Peverett has included me on his broadcast … who says Brits have good taste?  Anyway, after you finish your latest installment of Camden Bottoms, re-light your pipe, relax, and click over to the Peverett Phile for more web-tastic fun!