For those of you who enjoy the nuts and bolts of things, I’ve included a questionable scan of the pencil stage for today’s strip (04/18/2012).   I’ve always been fascinated by the choices artists make during the inking stage of comics.  This harkens back to a Spider-man annual which reprinted a classic Lee/Ditko “gag” story I became obsessed with as a boy.  The story is a goofy look behind the scenes of the production of an issue of Amazing Spider-man.  Steve Ditko is running late on his deadline, and we’re looking over his shoulder as he pencils a panel of Spider-man riding a missile through Manhattan.  He starts with basic shapes and perspective lines, fleshing them out to resemble Spidey and a reasonable sky-line. 

That panel and Joe Kubert’s “How to draw Tarzan” lessons latched onto my brain and never let go.  I still prefer looking at preliminary sketches over finished art …. it probably says something about my inability to commit to anything!  If you’re similarly wired, enjoy- I’ll try to post more in the future.