Camden Bottoms wrapped up its third and final appearance for the year at Project Comic Con in St. Louis, June 9-10.  An excellent review of Project Comic Con can be found by Jeff Ritter on “The Trades” site by clicking here (thanks for the shout-out, Jeff!).  I had a ball, even though all proceeds from the sales of my books, t-shirts and sketches went directly to the gentleman at the extreme left in the picture above,  in return for various silver-age issues of the Amazing Spider-man.

As I mentioned, I sold almost everything I brought and met some wonderful people.  A special thank you goes to my booth neighbors;  Taffeta Darling, and Halo Seraphim and Terry Parr from Shonuff Studio, for bringing a steady flow of traffic by my table!

On Sunday, Kevin Wolf came across the aisle from his booth to introduce himself and made me aware of how strong the St. Louis comics community is.  Kevin writes and draws the wonderful comic strip Pangaea, and contributes to a loose collective of local comic creators known as Ink and Drink Comics.  Ink and Drink Comics not only inhabit local bars while drawing, they also publish anthologies emphasizing St. Louis talent.  Thanks to Kevin’s introduction, I’ll be contributing to the upcoming fantasy-themed anthology, due out sometime in the Fall.

Mr. Wolf was also kind enough to post an extensive review of Camden Bottoms on his site recently- (thanks Kevin!) available here.

Project Comic Con is getting stronger and stronger, thanks to the tireless efforts of Steve Falcon & Jeff Morris, and I’m ready for next year, so come on out and enjoy what’s becoming a St. Louis institution!