Quimby Bainbridge, noted Silver Age scholar.

IDW Publishing was already dipping heavily into my bank account with high quality editions such as Noel Sickles and the complete Scorchy Smith, Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates, Raymond’s Flash Gordon (over sized editions) and Rip Kirby, to name but a few (no kidding, this doesn’t even scratch the surface).  Now they’ve gone too far!  Recently I discovered that they’ve begun publishing  an Artist Edition series of some of the greatest comic work ever to hit newsprint.  An Artist Edition volume involves scanning the original art and reproducing it in color on high quality paper meant to mimic the original bristol board, in the original size!  Everything on the original page is there: ink, blue pencil, coffee stains, notes to the editor, paste-ups, etc.  Current volumes include Walt Simonson’s run on Thor (well, some of it), Dave Mazzucchelli’s work with Frank Miller’sBorn AgainDaredevil story, John Romita’s Amazing Spider-man.  The final blow to me was the inclusion of Wally Wood’s complete EC stories ….Dear God!!!
As if that weren’t enough, coming down the pike is Gil Kane’s beautiful run on Spider-man and my hero, Joe Kubert and his sublime version of my other hero: Tarzan
I’ve contacted IDW on multiple occasions to try and get them to explain to my son why he won’t be attending college; apparently ignoring emails is company policy at IDW.