Quimby Bainbridge, Silver Age Comic Scholar, pals around with Comic Book Men

Despite the alligators and the toll roads, MegaCon 2014 was a huge success! (MegaCon is in Orlando hence the alligators, etc.) Emphasis on huge: the last count I heard for Saturday’s attendance was 80,000 … not too shabby. But crowd control worked pretty well I think, although my wife said the concourse looked like something out of “World War Z” at times.

Quimby Bainbridge, Silver Age Comic Scholar, with Comic Legend Herb Trimpe

The best part of attending a convention is meeting people who share a similar enthusiasm for this goofy stuff. A few shout outs, then to some new acquaintances:
Johnny Nguyen is a talented cartoonist and infinitely nice guy whose webcomic Finn Comics, ended this December. We’ll be anxious to see his next project!
Erin Humiston came by Sunday from his own booth to chat briefly. I didn’t know until I looked him up online what a talent he is. Erin has a clean confident animated style that you can see here.
Finally Rob Harrell stopped by Sunday for an all-too-brief visit. Rob created the syndicated strip Big Top and recently published Monster on the Hill through Top Shelf Productions. It was late, otherwise I’d have asked him how he got so good and what’s it like to have 365 deadlines a year? Take a look at Rob’s work at www.robharrell.com