Ray Douglas

Ray lives above an abandoned store overlooking Front Street, churning out an unsuccessful syndicated adventure strip called “Spiders Unleashed”.  He divides his time between Camden and the Bottoms, a victim of melancholy and sharp tempers, which hound him like a- uh well, a hound.









Ridley Gridwell

Ridley is Ray’s closest friend and most frequent victim of his temper.  His quiet demeanor is often mistaken as a sign of patience and tolerance, when it is, in fact, the result of his inability to recognize and therefore act upon the normal cues of social discourse.








Claude Antebellum Bonnebottom


Claude Antebellum Bonnebottom (of the Mississippi Bonnebottoms) is the last Southern Dandy.  A retired farmer and full time raconteur, Claude lives outside of Camden on the road to Orrick.

Although gin is preferred, bourbon will do in less temperate weather.











Of unknown origin, Cholly accompanied Claude home from a trip to Arizona (southwest of Camden, Mo. by several hundred miles).  While Cholly lives with Claude, he holds a strange affection for Ridley and a healthy disregard for Ray.

Although reasonably pleasant and only mildly mischievous,  Cholly is considered by most church-going folks in Camden to be an abomination before the Lord.