I’m trying to be positive.  Really.  All the books I read about web comics stress the importance of being upbeat, clever and positive when posting blogs.  This could prove problematic as I’m fairly well known for being cranky and not too bright  (full disclosure here, I only skimmed about a third of one book about web comics). With approx. 32 billion separate web strips (as of this writing) on the internet, and with most of them striving to be positive, I worry that negativity or at least realism will suffer in the balance.  No “yang” to positive’s “yin”, as it were, if you will (further disclosure here, I’ve never actually read any web strips).  But who am I to buck convention and common wisdom?  If at any time, my writing comes off as crass, obnoxious or well, negative, just imagine one of those smiley faces at the end of every sentence.  Emoticons?

My wife pushed me into this.  About 11 years ago she gave me a little boy who, as a toddler, looked so cartoony that I drew a caricature of him.  Needless to say, my wife was thrilled by it and suggested I write a strip around it, him.   I came up with a stuffed harlequin whose job it was to be a smart-ass/companion and there the project stalled.

A few years later, I doodled a cat in a cabana shirt.  My wife broke into my study, saw the doodle, and without explaining herself, began badgering me about drawing a strip with the cat in cabana shirt and our son’s caricature.  I eventually drew additional characters and began drawing sample strips to appease my wife.   They were awkward and cumbersome and pretty much followed a gag formula.  I let it drop.

But the little bastards wouldn’t leave me alone (the characters, not my family, heh-heh).  I began imagining stories that seemed to write themselves.  After amassing a stock pile of strips, I enlisted the aid of my brother-in-law, John, who took on the thankless job of setting up this web site (thank you!).

And so, I leave you the strips.  Absurd characters in absurd situations, illustrating the idea that the world is indifferent as it hurtles through the vacuum of space.  All that matters are the few sparks of joy we animals, with and without pants, share in this otherwise meaningless void.

I hope you enjoy them. 🙂  SQ